South Central Crisis Center (S.C.C.C.)

Residential Crisis Stabilization

- Crisis assessment and intervention to help minimize the need for hospitalization or a more restrictive environment

- Short-term problem solving and counseling

- Medication education, monitoring and management

- Symptom management and relapse prevention

- Recovery-focused care
Non-residential Crisis Stabilization

- Short-term assessment, intervention and stabilization

- Problem Solving

- Referral and triage

- Diagnostic assessments  

Mobile Crisis

The mobile crisis team consists of a mental health practitioner and are available 24 hours a day to respond to mental health crisis in our community. Mobile crisis interventions are face-to-face, short term mental health services to help an individual:

- cope with stress
- identify and use available resources
- avoid unnecessary hospitalization
- avoid the loss of independent living
- develop action plans
- return to baseline level functioning

These services are provided at a number of locations including:

- the individual's residence
- a friend or relative's residence
- the crisis center
- the emergency room
- a residential facility
- other community settings

The mobile crisis service provides a 24 hour crisis phone line for support, information, and problem solving.


Contact the Crisis Center

1-877-399-3040 (Warm/Crisis Line)
Call this Number for crisis support, information, and problem solving. Available for all residents of the region.

1-507-344-0621 (Information)

What is a Mental Health Crisis?

A behavioral, emotional or psychiatric situation which significantly impacts daily functioning. Some examples are:

- Feelings of stress or overwhelmed

- Plans or thoughts of hurting yourself or others

- Change in ability to carry out daily activities or responsibilities

- Increase or change in symptoms that may include low or elevated mood, anxiety or panic attacks hallucinations or delusions (false beliefs)

- Need for supervised, safe setting while undergoing medication adjustments ordered by your doctor

Tina Olson, MSW, LICSW, Crisis Treatment Director
PH: 507-344-0621 FX: 507-344-2153